Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Dear Mr. Dell...

In a previous post, I mentioned that we were having some issues getting a Dell Inspiron laptop. Well, August 31 came and a new "estimated ship date" was posted. I promptly canceled my order and plunked down a bit more money at the Sony store for one of their CR series laptops (in Sangria). The college kid is happy.

This morning, I mailed a letter to Mr. Dell, along with a copy of the Sony sales receipt. I'm not asking for anything and frankly, I expect a form letter with some sort of half-hearted apology from some underling (if it is even signed). I figure that they will toss in a $100 coupon for a future purchase (that's what they offered when I canceled -- not a reduction in price of the laptop that I ordered, but on a FUTURE purchase (and I think there is fine print about being applicable on orders over $1000 or something).

Word is, most companies get so much email that they actually will take the time to respond to a written letter that arrives snail mail. We'll see how that theory goes. Since they already lost this sale, I doubt they will expend much effort.

But they simply aren't handling the situation very well at all. And I doubt that the top level of the company has any idea of the impact. It would be nice if the guy read my letter, but I doubt that it will come within three floors of him.

Oh well. It felt good to write. (And I was even fairly nice.)

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