Tuesday, October 27, 2009

OTR: Public Speaking

I'm back from the ARMA Conference for a week, but it feels like a month. Today was the first day that I had a few minutes to catch my breath at work and I spent some time cleaning up email and getting back to some folks that I met at Conference. A few of those folks were kind enough to compliment me on my presentations and ask me if I'd like to speak at one of their Chapter meetings or seminars.

I'm always flattered to be asked. I don't speak as much as I once did, when I was building a career and trying to get rolling in consulting (the firm saw speaking as marketing). Today, the Day Job is time-consuming, but I do allow myself time to get out and do a presentation on occasion. I often joke to my colleagues in the Chicago Chapter that the only time that I'm able to see them is when they invite me to speak.

If you're interested in having me speak to your Chapter or non-profit organization, all I ask is that you cover my travel expenses, feed me, and give me a place to stay. If it is a for-profit event, an honorarium would be appropriate. I do have a list of presentations and I will customize what I've done, but a completely new topic is often a challenge (but feel free to ask). Since I usually do a presentation at the ARMA Conference, I usually have at least one piece of new material every year. I always tell folks that if you've gone to the expense of getting me to your event, feel free to make use of me all day. I always feel bad when I get up and speak for 45 or 75 minutes and head right back to the airport. I try to arrive the night before and my preferred airline is United (yet another geek thing for me). If it is close to Chicago and flying would involve something with no headroom and propellers, I'll drive or see if Amtrak goes there.

I'm in the ARMA directory or my email address is available if you click the link to my Blogger Profile.

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