Thursday, October 6, 2011

ATR: Coolest. Job. Title. Ever.

My business cards carry the title, "Senior Director, Information Governance". In our business of records and information management, that's the latest buzzword, and it is kinda cool. I always aspired to be the "Records Evangelist", back when all the cool kids were the "Evangelist" of this or that. The other day, a couple of us were working out a responsibilities matrix. We had "Data Owner", "Data Controller", "Data Processor", and a couple others, but we struggled to find a label for the Information Security and Information Governance team. Our requirements overlap, but we're not really doing anything with the data beyond making sure that it is managed properly. "Information Manager" sounded too hands on. "Information Governor" was too political. "Information Oversight" was the wrong grammar.

Finally, my colleague smiled. "Information Overlord!"

Patrick Cunningham, CRM, FAI
Information Overlord.
Fear me.

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