Monday, September 14, 2009


It's a sad day. My two year old Motorola RAZR died suddenly. No drama, no heroic measures to save it... it just died. It was fine yesterday afternoon and last night when I went to charge it for the night, it was dead. I attempted a battery transplant and found that the battery was healthy, but the phone was DOA. I left it plugged in overnight in the hope that it might come back, but it was over. Cause of death is undetermined. The phone bore many scars from bouncing off concrete, as well as being pummeled by seat belts on a daily basis.

It is currently lying in repose on my desk at home. I think I will remove the battery for future use as a donor organ for my wife's phone. The phone itself will assume a place of honor in my office at work -- alongside my old pager and a couple of Iridium phone mock-ups.

My Q9h survives and is feeling lonely today without its constant companion next to it, competing for airtime on the Bluetooth headset.

A QA1 Karma is on order to take the place of my RAZR. Life, and technology, go on...

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